efc gmbh provides tailor-made courses, seminars, workshops, and coaching for institutions, professionals and family in all areas of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and in our own programme, efcic. We do communicative assessments and assessment of an institution’s AAC processes, support intervention planning and AAC projects, practical coaching and crisis intervention. Consulting and Coaching processes usually take place in the institution or home, since it is vital to the way we work to know about the specific realities and problems surrounding the communicative processes we want to help improve. efc gmbh also provides communication training for people with communicative impairments, individually and in small learning groups in our facilities in Rheinfelden and Münsingen (Switzerland).

We are also invited for talks or workshops at conferences on AAC or speech therapy in Switzerland as well as abroad. Efc can provide training, consulting or seminars in German and Englisch, and to a lesser degree also in French. Currently we provide our services in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain and the Lebanon.